JoAnn Chambers, LMT, PI

JoAnn Chambers, LMT, PI
Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Postural Integration
Shamanic Sound Healer, Clairvoyant


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JoAnn Chambers LMTJoAnn received her massage license in 1986 from Suncoast School of Massage in Tampa, Florida. She followed her training at the Florida Psychophysical Institute becoming certified in Postural Integration® (PI). This modality was developed by Jack Painter in the 60s and was modeled after Rolfing®. Jack trained with Ida Rolf initially and felt that there needed to be a more holistic approach and with more emphasis on the psychological and emotional processing work that results from restructing the musculature. This transformational work is part of the human potential movement which can assist an individuals awakening journey in many ways. As the body opens up and balances and aligns with gravity, so do the emotions and the release of blocks and traumas are freed up to engage in deeper spiritual explorations. JoAnn has also received training in Esalen massage, CranioSacral, neuromuscularreflexology and psychic/intuitive development and energy healing at Barbara Brennen’s School of Healing.

She spent her early years studying all aspects of the body from diet/nutrition, anatomy & physiology, psychology and the spiritual arts with a focus towards whole body wellness. This has led her into various subjects such as metaphysics, esoteric science, quantum physics, psychic development and shamanic studies. She received shamanic initiation in 1990 in the Amazon Rainforest with native shamans during sacred ceremonies. She met her husband Gary in 1988 and together they have created a large body of work using sound/music to initiate change and transformation on all levels of the bio-energetic matrix (physical & etheric bodies). Gary is a channel of higher frequency information translated into musical journeys that are created to assist humanity through the current evolutionary cycles of awakening. Their music has been sold all over the planet to those who seek to walk a path of Conscious Evolution. Visit Visionary Music & Multimedia to learn more about this work.

JoAnn’s bodywork & transformational services include sound healing massage and deep tissue bodywork to rebalance the musculoskeletal system for greater harmony in all areas of one’s chosen life path. While chronic pain may be the focal point of an initial bodywork session, it is the unfolding and awareness that arises when working with JoAnn as to the original nature of the pain and how to release it permanently from your life. This allows one to shift towards viewing life from a higher level of functioning within your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual matrix.

In her 30 years of private practice, both online and offline, working with thousands of clients she has developed a wide spectrum of knowledge and information in the healing arts field. She can assist you in many different areas as you walk your awakening journey. She now specializes in her own unique healing modality called the Spiritual MRI. This has evolved throughout her years of working remotely with clients all over the planet, reading energy fields surrounding one’s bio-energetic matrix. These sessions can be helpful in any of the following areas: deep relaxation, centering & focus, pain management, Chakra Balancing & Energy Field Integration, Spiritual Awakening, Soul Retrieval & Recapitulation, Pastlife Explorations, Deep Physical Healing, Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns, Addiction & Habitual Pattern Release, Sexual Abuse Clearing, Anxiety & Nervous Disorders, Abundance & Empowerment, DNA Activation, Ascension & Manifestation, Life Purpose & Mission Alignment. Sessions also include learning how to work with the multidimensional music & sound by ShapeshifterDNA/Gary Chambers for continued and consistent DNA Activation for ramping up your Light Quotient daily.

talk with JoAnn first to decide the best healing path to follow with her sessions • 727.235.6302 • Text Only 727.266.2968

Services Offered:

All treatments offered by JoAnn Chambers, LMT, PI are offered in the Odyssey Sound & Light Spa room (located at the Longhouse) which features a sound table, surround sound stereo and energy enhancement items throughtout the room. Features the original multidimensional QSET music by Gary Chambers/ShapeshifterDNA. Some sessions include the awesome Amethyst Bio-Mat as part of the treatment. Sessions below can be combined based on your special needs.

First Relaxation Massage or Sound Healing Session $45
Regularly Booked Sessions 10% Discount* • 3 Pack Sessions 20% Discount
Referrals – 15 Minutes added to Next Session


Relaxation Massage
Enjoy a relaxing spa style massage using swedish and esalan style massage techniques. Relieves stress and promotes deep relaxation.  Includes Amethyst Bio-Mat.
60 Minutes / $60

Sound Healing Massage
Enjoy a relaxing spa style massage (swedish, esalan) while laying on a bed of transcendent sounds. Relieves stress, promotes deep relaxation while taking you on a sonic journey into the magical realms of music created to guide you into a blissful meditative state. This massage includes aromatherapy, energy balancing, massage and sound healing.  Includes Amethyst Bio-Mat.
60 Minutes / $60
90 Minutes / $90
120 Minutes / $120

Deep Tissue Massage (Chronic Pain Relief)
Trigger point, PI, neuromuscular and deep tissue massage techniques combined to assist you in releasing tight or chronic pain areas of the body. Cupping is also involved in these sessions as needed  to release stuck layers of fascia which can bind and limit movement. Working slowly and deeply in muscles, tendons and ligaments to release tight and restricted areas to free up movement and to encourage more flexibility.
30 Minutes / $40
45 Minutes / $60
60 Minutes / $75

Postural Integration (similar to Rolfing)
Postural Integration (PI) is a form of deep tissue body work designed to bring a higher state of balance back to the musculoskeletal system – skeletal, muscular and fascia. Throughout life’s various traumas from accidents, sports injuries, emotional blocks and habitual patterns of movement, our bodies move into postures that lead towards pain in joints and muscles as we age. The systematic approach of PI, through a series of 10 sessions, releases layers of the muscular system gradually bringing one to a more refined state of balance. This approach affects the physical, emotional and mental balance as well and opens one up to more intense experiences of a spiritual nature. JoAnn will encourage more body/mind awareness throughout these sessions through conscious movement, breath work, releasing blocked emotions/feelings and assisting you to discover your higher passions for life. Research more info online to learn more about Postural Integration.
90-120 Minutes / $120 

Foot Massage
Our feet take on so much pressure with the weight of the physical body, especially if you have a job of walking or standing a lot. This foot massage treatment works not only the muscles in the feet but also focuses on the nerve plexus that connect to the organs and tissues of the body. Deep relaxation and relief from foot or leg pain can bring profound levels of relaxation to the being. Deep style massage applied to feet, toes, ankles and calves. Can be an effective pain relief treatment for plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and gout.  Includes Amethyst Bio-Mat.
45 Minute / $60

Hand Massage
Our hands do so much for us and we often take them for granted that they will also be ready to go to work when we need them. Many jobs today overuse our hands and can lead to pain and limited use over time. Repetitive motions set in the potential for greater problems as we age. Getting some regular deep tissue work on the hands, wrists and forearms can really help maintain your flexibility and keep your hands more fluid and pain free. This treatment can be helpful for carpel tunnel, tendonitis and arthritis. Includes Amethyst Bio-Mat.
45 Minute / $60

Rejuvenation Facial
We carry so much tension in our head, neck and face which often ages us before it should. It often goes unnoticed as we go about our day to day activities. Overthinking is one of the main causes of tension in this area of the body and can lead to major headaches and head congestion. There are over 40 muscles in the face that contribute to developing pain and tension. Using deep tissue and acupressure techniques, we can release this tension and relieve mountains of built up stress. This deep tissue massage includes the shoulders, neck, throat area, jaw line, scalp, ears and face. Includes Amethyst Bio-Mat.
45 Minute / $60


Vibrational Healing
Vibrational healing sessions are excellent for those dealing with any annoying physical symptoms that seem to come and go. These sessions are also excellent for anyone with illness or disease processes already in the physical form. Depression, anxiety and emotional stress can be eased and shifted with this work. The session is done fully clothed and a hands-on energy healing technique balances and releases blocked energy within the field. During this session, the body is seen as a toroidal energy field that when out of balance can cause symptoms that result in either pain or discomfort. If left, over time, these turn into physical disease processes. The emotional body plays a major role in these sessions as often blocked or stuck emotional patterns are holding the physical body in these rigid positions. An initial series of 3 sessions is suggested over a period of 9 days. Depending on the results, monthly sessions are recommended as needed to maintain new flows of energy throughout system. This session includes gentle, quiet sound healing music along with the Amethyst Bio-Mat.
75 minute / $60

Laying on a Sound Bed listening to Music designed to relax & deepen your meditation.

Laying on a Sound Bed listening to Music designed to relax & deepen your meditation.

Vibrational Sound Healing
Sound is one of the most powerful healing tools available for learning how to engage deeply with our Soul level of awareness — that place within that offers all the guidance you need to walk your life path from a higher perspective. During this session you will be laying on a bed of sound that is playing specifically designed music to entrain your brainwaves into deeper states of relaxation and higher states of meditation. By establishing deeper resonance with the sound and your inner awareness you can direct the emerging energy towards whatever areas of your life that you are seeking healing for. JoAnn will work with you to direct the energy and guide the session towards your intentions. These sessions are excellent for anyone dealing with physical ailments, illness or disease processes, as it can provide tension/pressure release and shift you towards a higher state of healing. The session includes hands on energy balancing, shamanic sound healing, chakra tuning forks, crystal and power objects for raising the frequencies of light spectrum of your body temple.
75 Minutes / $60

Sound Healing + Spiritual Guidance
This session includes all the above plus an additional 30 minutes of spiritual guidance. JoAnn will share the energy imprints that surface during the session and provide you with a psychic/intuitive reading on the energy present. This evolves into a discussion on how this information is impacting your current life path.
90 Minutes / $90


These treatments are for those exploring their spiritual path and seek to unfold their inner truths for the purpose of transforming old beliefs, stuck patterns and blocks in their life. It is intended for serious spiritual explorers seeking to experience greater depth and connection to their Soul Essence.

Are you having difficulty relaxing and going within to find your calm, centered place. Learning how to meditate can help you develop a creative way to manage your stress and find more peace and harmony in your life. These sessions will help you learn how to start meditating or to go beyond the current practice you have already started. Using multidimensional music as a way to deepen your meditation states, JoAnn will teach you how to calm and quiet the mind and deepen the relaxation effect in the body.
60 Minute / $40

Spiritual Guidance
Drawing on both psychic and intuitive information, JoAnn will work with you on whatever level of the journey you are exploring at this time. Teachings and guidance emerge from the more expanded realms to assist you in navigating your life path and purpose. This session can also be requested on the phone.
30 Minutes / $40
60 Minutes / $80
90 Minutes / $120

Pastlife Explorations
Pastlives have major effects on our current lives. Exploring the ones that carry the most power in our lives is a valuable way to help you understand karmic patterns that have emerged throughout your lifetime. JoAnn is a gifted seer of pastlife energy and will follow the energy patterns in your bio-energetic field to navigate towards the core level imprints that you most need to explore. Using some visualization, psychosynthesis and shamanic journeying techniques she will help you understand the deeper meanings that a pastlife time can have in your current life.
90 Minutes / $120

Chakra Readings with JoAnn Chambers

Chakra readings of the 12 main chakra points.

Chakra Balancing
The chakra system connects our physical body to the spiritual realms. It is an etheric energy system that steps down in frequency to connect with the nadis, the endocrine system, the nervous system and then to the physical body’s organs and tissues. By understanding this etheric body system, you can learn how to manage the stress in the body and prevent many symptoms from manifesting into physical form. Each chakra is tuned to a certain personality aspect and you can learn much about yourself by understanding the current status of each of your chakras. This is a key system to learn for meditation and to awaken your evolutionary awareness of your higher purpose and potential. JoAnn will present you with a chart that can monitor each of the 12 main chakras so that you know what areas of your life you need to focus on in order to attain higher states of balance. The balancing session includes hands on energy healing, crystal attunement, chakra tuning forks and shaktipat to help you learn what the higher state of balance feels like. This allows you to recreate this awareness during your meditation.
First Session 2 Hours / $120 (includes chakra reading, interpretation, balancing session & spiritual guidance)
Follow Up Sessions 1 Hour / $60

Shamanic Journeying
Soul Retrieval, Recapitulation, Reclaiming Lost Power are all very powerful techniques used in shamanic journeying sessions. We begin with learning how to connect to the shamanic realms and then we explore the various energetic threads to see what is most needed in your life at this time. You will learn skills and techniques you can use on your own as well as find out what energy is holding you back in life from accomplishing your higher dreams and visions. Rather than using the drum to guide these sessions, we will be using the multidimensional QSET music to direct the energy flows.
90-120 Minutes / $120


Spiritual MRI with JoAnn Chambers

Complete Energy Body scan of Spiritual Bodies

Spiritual MRI with JoAnn Chambers
This is a complete scan of your spiritual bodies to see what energy imprints you are currently working with. JoAnn will dive deeply into your entire bio-enegetic field to SEE what is happening on various dimensional levels of your being. Using her clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities she is able to scan many layers and levels of your entire bio-energetic matrix.  Following this initial session, she will have your baseline readings to work from in the future as you need a recheck on how things are going. Just like a new blood panel or scan of your body in the 3D medical realms, this is equivalent to that in the spiritual aspects of your being. It is an intensive session that takes a week or two to complete and you should be at a place where you can focus on your life path as much as possible during this time. The final session takes place in the Odyssey Sound & Light Temple space here at the Longhouse. (remote session work is available for those not living in the area)

Aura Portraits with JoAnn Chambers

Aura Portraits show the energy blocks and patterns in the etheric field.

The Spiritual MRI includes: Chakra Reading, Aura Portrait, Pastlife Reading, Shamanic Journeying, DNA Activation, Vibrational Healing, Spiritual Guidance. The information gathered here will give you enough data to fully understand your life path as it is now and what you need to do in order to move forward, clearing your blocks and resistances and moving into the life of your dreams. Follow up support is offered with individual readings as needed to monitor progress.


DISCLAIMER: This treatment is not intended to replace your medical doctors protocols, but rather to offer a more expanded perspective of what is going on in your physical body in relation to your spiritual bodies. It is not recognized by the medical community and should only be considered by those with a more expanded view of reality. The potentials of disease and illness may come up in a session but there will be no diagnosis or treatment plan offered.


Classes & Workshops

Peruvian Whistling VesselsI offer several regular events, which is a great way to meet me and see if you resonate with my teachings and if I am someone who could help you with your personal evolutionary wellness program. Sign up below to be added to my Florida Email List for events and classes in the area. I offer a monthly New Moon Sound Healing Ceremony using our multidimensional music as a guide to deepen your inner explorations of your unfolding path of Light. During these events, we use either Cacao or Kava for a tea ceremony, as well as our Peruvian Whistling Vessels to open the third eye and crown chakras. I look forward to meeting you at one of these events soon – check out the EVENTS page of this website to see what classes I have coming up.

*Regularly booked sessions can be scheduled 1 week or up to 1 month apart. Six sessions must be pre-scheduled to receive this discount.

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