Odyssey Sound & Light Spa

Odyssey Sound & Light Healing Temple at the Longhouse Wellness CenterJourney on a Magical Bed of Sound and Music. Enjoy a Sound Healing Massage to deepen your relaxation, reduce stress, enhance mediations, balance your chakras and more. The Odyssey is an open-ended Energy Enhancement Environment (EEE) designed to explore the frontiers on the leading edge of consciousness research; embracing all aspects of holistic health care services in the management and prevention of stress related issues. These rooms are created to be a magical place, a space where you can get in touch with the unlimited energy of your essence and to connect with the vast empowerment of Source vibration enabling you to de-stress and find your way back towards balance in your life. The expansive energy available in these EEE’s allow you to reconnect with the sense of wonder and aliveness you experienced as a child. It can take you to worlds of freedom and magic where all things are possible. It can also assist you in grounding those dreams, desires and visions back into 3D reality for tangible manifestations in your life.

The Odyssey Sound & Light Temple is an Energy Enhancement Environment (EEE) designed and created by Gary & JoAnn Chambers from VisionaryMusic.com. The room can be used to enhance all types of healing, rejuvenation and transformational processes.

The Odyssey contains…..

  • a high end custom designed sound table
  • a state of the art surround sound system
  • a multidimensional color lighting system
  • various sacred geometric forms
  • crystals, power objects & tachyonized items
  • visionary art
  • a sacred, self generating, self replenishing vortex of Light


The Odyssey can be used for……

  • Reducing stress and creating peaceful and heart-centered states
  • Enhancing meditation experiences
  • Increasing self-healing abilities
  • Grounding 5D higher frequencies to 3D
  • Initiating shamanic & higher consciousness explorations
  • Increasing vitality and overall well-being
  • Stimulating the pineal/pituitary gland to awaken third eye visions
  • Accelerating advanced learning processes and whole brain thinking
  • Enhancing body/mind/spirit connections
  • Awakening higher creativity
  • Releasing intuitive & psychic gifts
  • Activating multi-strand DNA
  • Balancing chakras and expanding auric field
  • Stimulating lucid and higher dreaming states
  • Increasing synchronicities and manifestation abilities
  • Assists with attracting one’s intentions via harmonic resonance with greater matrix
  • Aligning one with abundance on all levels
  • Invoking profound Physical Transformation (rejuvenation, anti-aging)

…..and more

Contact JoAnn@visionarymusic.com for more info

Sessions available at the Longhouse using the Odyssey

View JoAnn Chambers, LMT, PI Webpage for available services

Private Sound Healing Session with or without Therapist present

Massage or Reiki or Sound Healing or Shamanic Healing
Sessions Available in the Odyssey


History of Odyssey
In 1989, Gary & JoAnn Chambers, during deep meditations together, they received many visions for these environments and their future potentials. Based on ancient and modern day theories that sound/music are a vibrational transmission of higher information, these Energy Enhancement Environments (EEE) are created to focus and amplify these higher frequencies of Light. They allow one to connect on profound levels with their soul essence in a place of openness, safety and Love. They have spent over 26 years in private research working with thousands of clients to verify the information received. Acting as a conduit for these transmissions, they bring forth these sonic frequency maps in the form of musical soundscapes for others to traverse the multidimensional realms of Light. Their work unfolds continually, providing an evolving scope of vibrational information for your multidimensional travels. They create projects under the name of ShapeshifterDNA to reflect their ever-changing, evolving works or art. For more information about JoAnn and Gary, visit them at VisionaryMusic.com.

View Slideshow of Previous Odyssey Installations thru the years.

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