Feng Shui with Paula Adams
Saturdays, 10am-11:30am

Ms. Paula skills as a Feng Shui Master consultant and energy worker spans her career of 27 years along with a 30 plus years as a Meditation Guide and Coach for all around abundantly and healthy living. Paula has been instrumental in bringing authentic Feng Shui out of the “new age” category and into the mainstream in residential spaces, commercial building, & personal development.

Because Feng Shui is not a linear study, Ms. Paula’s practice includes classical (landform), compass (flying star) and western (bagua) schools of Feng Shui. These complementary disciplines enhance the interconnections of ancient Feng Shui principles and are far more powerful in tandem. BaZi astrology which uses the 10,000-year Chinese calendar.

When she works with Personal Feng Shui and combines design with energy the beauty of a space comes alive. It would be her honor to share her passion in your space. Her strength is in creating Healing Spaces… for people and animals, at work, rest or play. Whether a home or business-place, children’s playground, animal shelter or horse stable, her unique approach enables her to enhance the energetics in support of living creatures in that space. Her intention is to help clients live their best and happiest lives possible through the amazing art/science of Feng Shui. It works!

Her Holistic Feng Shui practice integrates the energy in our body, mind and spirit with our physical space to create greater harmony and transformation in our lives. She thrives on assisting people in their quest for wellness, balance in all spaces including oneself, and clutter-free living.

When energetic balance is achieved, ch’i flows smoothly, picks up speed and can be channeled toward a vision or goal. That is where Feng Shui comes in. We know that our dwellings shape us and influence every aspect of well-being, productivity and luck. Making sure these spaces convey those aspirations and nurture potential is the realm of Feng Shui expert Paula Adams. She makes it possible for everyone to benefit from the wisdom of its teachings through consultations, lectures, workshops, on-line and long distance are also gladly welcome. $25/class. See the link below for pay-pal payments(credit cards, direct payment) go to ticket info, or Zelle is accepted. Cash is also welcome the day of the event.

Ms. P Chi Energy Studio