Our Services

The following are basic sessions and prices that are offered at the Longhouse Healing Arts Center. Each practitioner may offer variations or different types of sessions that what is listed below. Please review our Therapist page to learn more about each individual therapist and what unique services they offer.

Energy/Relaxation Massage:
A full body massage emphasizing long flowing strokes for relaxation and physical/mental rejuvenation and the complementary application of energy techniques.
$30/30 minutes, $55/55 minutes, $75/85 minutes

Combo Massage:
A combination of relaxation and deep pressure massage.
$35/30 minutes, $65/60 minutes, $85/90 minutes

Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular:
Release chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep pressure.
$40/30 minutes, $70/60 minutes, $90/90 minutes

An ancient healing art form with a certified Reiki Master, administered by laying on of hands to reduce stress and promote healing. Clients remain fully clothed.
$30/half hour and prorated for personal needs

An Asian practice of acupressure, similar to acupuncture, but using hands and feet instead of needles to release endorphins and stimulate the body’s natural self curative powers. Client remains fully clothed.

Sound Healing Massage:
Enjoy a relaxing spa style massage (swedish, esalan) while laying on a bed of transcendent sounds. Relieves stress, promotes deep relaxation while taking you on a sonic journey into the magical realms of music created to guide you into a blissful meditative state. This massage begins with 10 minutes of energy balancing, followed by a 60 minute massage and completes with 20 minute sound healing journey. Includes Amethyst Bio-Mat*
$60/90 Minutes

Psychic/Intuitive  Sessions:
JoAnna is available for readings Thursdays & Fridays, from 2- 6 pm, as well as by appointment. To learn more about JoAnna please visit JoannaGerardPsychic.com or on facebook: JoAnna Gerard psychic. JoAnna’s rates are $70 for 1/2 hour, $100 for 1 hour and $50 for 1 hour of psychic development tutoring. To schedule an appointment, contact JoAnna at 727.239.9489.

Shamanic Healing:
Soul Retrieval, Recapitulation, Reclaiming Lost Power are all very powerful techniques used in shamanic healing work. We begin with learn how to connecto the shamanic realms and then we explore the various energetic threads to see what is most needed in your life at this time. You will learn skills and techniques you can use on your own as well as find out what energy is holding you back in life from accomplishing your higher dreams and visions. Rather than using the drum to guide these sessions, we will be using the music to direct the energy flows.
60 Minutes / $80, 90 Minutes / $140

Private and Small Group Yoga/Meditation sessions are available by appointment. Please call The Longhouse to for more info or to schedule